True Romance?

Romance By Moonlight

Romance.  Most of us picture  it something like this picture.  Some burly, yet sensitive man with wonderful biceps and a six pack and tight pants passionately taking us into his arms and planting one on us under the moonlight.   Ahem, anyway back to reality. What I really think is that when you are really into someone it doesn’t really matter where you are, the weather, time of day etc.  You just want to be with that person and the rest of the world fades into the background.  When you look into each others eyes and nothing else matters.  Those are the moments that are so rare and so memorable.  I can say that those rare moments in my life when I have felt that way about someone it felt like I was in the picture above.  Ahhh memories.  It is unrealistic to believe that someone will always make you feel like the lil lady in the picture above.  But I do think that if you put your partner first in your relationship and it is reciprocated.  It makes for a long lasting relationship.  Just my thoughts for today.

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